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It was a sad day recently when a Federal Hill sushi staple Nichiban finally closed its doors after many years and an eventual leasing issue (shocker) a few months ago, and in seemingly record time was replaced by Brothers Sushi, being helmed by a group of gentlemen very eager to serve the surrounding area even more sushi than before. As a first impression, in short, Brothers Sushi is pretty ok.

In long, the interior has been freshly repainted a high white (it still smelled like paint when we dropped in) and bright white lighting at the bar, which gives the place a very sterile feel. The walls are a bit drab and under decorated but then again they’ve just opened so there’s plenty of time to address this issue. Warm the place up a bit and folks will be happy to drop in for a cozy evening or lunch. The service was friendly and attentive, very very attentive, and our server bequeathed upon us free dessert for our patronage. Very nice.

The menu boasts absolutely nothing out of the ordinary selection or price wise, pretty much everything here is by the numbers with the exception of a *very* interesting looking “Sushi Pizza” featuring a tortilla coated in various sushi toppings, avacado, that sort of thing. Personally I’d prefer to stick to the traditional dishes and measure their quality first before diving into such a bizarre fusion, so maybe a followup is in order. Additionally, not every sushi menu features an often favorite of mine Tekka Don:

Tekka Don, $16
Tekka Don, $16

Colorfully arranged tuna on a bed of rice, very attractive in appearance but the rice lacked that delicious vinegar treatment that Tekka Don so often features and at $16, it really ought to.

The tried and true Bento Box is a build your own affair with choice of teriyaki, 2nd “course” with tempura or gyoza, and a sushi based 3rd course with choice of sashimi, rolls or combination of the two. I went with teriyaki beef and it was a good choice; the beef was very tender and fatty with a sweet, robust teriyaki sauce all over the place. At $15, it’s not a great value but not a ripoff either. Just plain old good Bento Box.

Bento Box, $15
Bento Box, $15

Brothers also has a standard beer and wine collection, with a large Sapporo listed at $7 – no drafts to speak of (which would be really, really cool at a sushi restaurant) and really no space to ever install them, so no big deal but hey, a guy can dream. Brothers is positioned to be a hit with the lunch crowd and the carryout crowd, with adequate space at the tables and bar with service that’s as quick as possible, I’d like to see them get a little crazy with their menu like nearby neighbor Shoyou Sushi but that sushi pizza does seem pretty interesting. Time will tell.

Have you tried Brothers yet, what did you think?

Brother’s Sushi
1035 S Charles St., Federal Hill
(410) 837-9888
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