Say Hello to the Raw Barge

Raw Barge

Well here’s a pleasant sight from sometimes contributor Darth Raymunnn, who was wandering around aimlessly at Harborview the other day: the Tiki Barge’s (500 Harborview Dr., Inner Harbor) new double decker Raw Barge, which as of last winter was in the works and supposedly denied/delayed by the Harborview community, but folks began witnessing its construction over in Canton some time ago and silently in the night it arrived across the pond at the marina like a wooden ninja. The Raw Barge is purportedly a seafood establishment and their official opening for the season will be Memorial Day weekend (according to the Marina, although as of this post even they are unsure), though historically the Tiki Barge opens a bit earlier without any announcement or fanfare. Rumors have been flying around about the future of the Tiki Barge with regard to ownership and we’re tracking down the inside info as it becomes available. Keep your eyes peeled people!

update: BBJ reports/reiterates that Memorial Day will be the grand opening for Tiki Barge with the Raw Barge following suit hopefully in August. Harborview Marina and ownership never called us back on our inquiries so thanks guys, see you whenever.

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