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Trattoria Anamaria closing

Trattoria Annamaria

Well this sort of sucks, Trattoria Anamaria (1035 Light St Federal Hill), one of the few (like, really good) Italian delis left in the city, is closing. I took this photo while blowing through the area in my car so apologies for the blurriness, but the sign reads (mostly)

Ciao and Grazie to Federal Hill. Trattoria Anamaria is closing after 12 years. And yes, this picture is the REAL Giuseppe.

Giuseppe was the guy who made their famous meatballs. I mostly enjoyed their super good lunch specials when I could stop by during work hours, and their pizza dough. Alas.

Apparently there are no plans to sell the building yet and fortunately for the folks running the show, they own it outright unlike a lot of other businesses in the area so the family is sure to make a killing regardless of what they decide to go with.

Thanks for all the meatballs, Trattoria Anamaria!

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