Shucker’s slapped for operating without a business license


From today’s Liquor Board hearing comes a bit of trouble, seems like Shucker’s of Fells Point (920 S Broadway) has/had been operating without a business license, which is kind of a big no-no in the state of Maryland. According to the docket they had been operating without a Trader’s License (the license required for selling anything at all in MD) since May 1, 2012, as well as operating without a corporate charter since February 26th of this year, which normally gets yanked after an LLC fails to remain in good standing.

Typically this kind of thing happens when a business fails to report their personal property records to the state, but a laundry list of other reasons (back taxes, failure to file, etc) can result in any business’s loss of good standing with the state, a watershed effect which – especially when tied with a liquor/restaurant license – can get really ugly really fast. JUST LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED WITH BERGER COOKIES YOU GUYS! (actually it’s more that likely exactly like Berger Cookies)

At any rate with all of this hoopla fortunately it was a first offense for them ($650 fine) and there’s nothing much else to it. I had heard in recent history some strange tales coming out of Shucker’s with regard to some wild drunks doing wild things, small animals running around on the floor (if you receive my meaning) and this latest bit just adds to the weirdness. Or is Shucker’s just a victim or circumstance? Were the stories of odd/gross coming from there mere rumor?


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