Vote for your favorite local business in MGH’s Make It Big Contest

Owings Mills based advertising company MGH is running a lil’ ol’ contest to allow you, citizen, to decide which Baltimore area business gets its own fancy pantsy billboard. Unsure if you’ve ever seen an MGH billboard? Maybe you’ve seen this one in Station North:


Or possibly this five story Old Bay advert?

So the contest is running until March 5h on MGH’s Facebook Page, participants can vote once daily for their favorite. Each local vendor/company has a video presentation to sway your decision and there are two heavy hitters in particular: Fells Point’s Bad Decisions and the Charm City Roller Girls.

Bad Decisions

Currently our top pick solely due to the thought of a bar whose claim to fame is lots and lots and lots of bacon, humorous events, and a tight, loving relationship with The City That Breeds that some may think is unhealthy. Owner John even shaved his head to make a two second Breaking Bad (Decisions) reference:
breaking bad

And a bonus peek into their freezer, furthermore the idea of a tiny bar in Fells Point having its own billboard is akin to like, George Lopez having his own late night show or something.

Charm City Roller Girls


These gals have pretty much everything going for them, short of calling it a shoe-in. It’s an all female owned and operated sports organization that through pure grit, blood sweat and tears (and a lot of broken body parts) have put together a well known and well attended sporting event/series that could benefit tremendously from an ad campaign of any kind, but due to their lack of funding through anything other than ticket sales simply can’t do it any other way. Spiritually speaking, they should probably win.

But we vote with our hearts you guys, not our spirits – or possibly our groins, so you do what you gotta do and VOTE DAILY FOR A LOCAL BIZ!!

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