Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the Inexplicable Bar Marketing Campaign

Filed under “uhhh… ok then” comes a recent marketing campaign for General Mills’ cinnamon and sugar drenched breakfast cereal for children Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The one month campaign was put together by Beaverton, OR based All Points Media , whether you know it or not you’ve seen several of their marketing campaigns before, notably their “Ad Vans” – smallish vehicles with little billboards driving around downtown slinging adverts for such things as Jose Cuervo and uh, Gebco? I don’t know. At any rate APM launched the campaign at the end of last year in Austin, TX and our very own Baltimore, MD in 40 test locations (find em all!) and featured Cinnamon Toast Crunch bar coasters, CTC themed drinks and some free cereal for bargoers to snack on.

The goal of this campaign, like any other marketing scheme, is to get you to think of breakfast cereal as a late night snack after the bars close. Observe the bar coasters:

ctc late night

Snazzy graphics! The Official Cereal of Late Night! Why is that piece of cereal totally stoned! Are we implying that the more we drink, the more attractive that piece of cereal looks? I guess so!

But here’s the rub: if you, drunken bar goer, are out at the bar being barlike – are you gonna opt for cereal from the overpriced 7-11 over a fatass sub or pizza? Are you going to plan ahead and purchase Cinnamon Toast Crunch at the supermarket in anticipation of being drunk that evening and craving crunchy cereal with/sans milk?

And if not Cinnamon Toast Crunch, what is the Official Cereal of Late Night? These are the burning questions. For the ages. For now I’ll just be enjoying these colorful coasters and not eating Cinnmamon Toast Crunch.

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