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Shoyou Sushi Sho’s you the sushi ehehehehehehehehe movie/fish pun/reference

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There’s a “new” spot for sushi in SoBo and it’s Shoyou Sushi (1504 Light St, Riverside), formerly known as Soho Eatery – having been shut down for a few weeks for renovations, new owner Bruce (at least that’s what I think his name is) has upped the Japanese ante with the space. Meaning, gone are the limited Korean selections from the menu, replaced with a wide range of Japanese selections, rolls, entrees and salads.

The space, while still pretty minute, has been modified to maximize every last inch of space so more than three people can be seated at once, the bar has been redone with some new seating and a big screen TV adorns the rear wall. Bruce is a lively character, chatting up patrons with a heavily tattooed waitress providing friendly, speedy service and conversation if you’re interested. Bruce was eager to Sho us his roly poly buddy here on the bar:

Photo courtesy of @cheeselaine

Photo courtesy of @cheeselaine

The menu is replete with some interesting looking rolls, from the “WHO IS YOUR DADDY!,” “HOT NIGHT BABY!!” and the “PLAYBOY ROLL!” To the pictured below “Japanese Burrito:”

japanese burrito

Shrimp tempura, krab, spicy tuna, avacado, wrapped in soy paper

This particular roll is pretty weird. You certainly have to pick it up and eat it like a burrito, it comes with a sensational triple dipping sauce consisting of eel sauce, sriracha and spicy mayo – unfortunately the tempura had a bit of a burnt oil taste to it but for $8.95 it was quite a mouthful.

In fact, pretty much everything on the menu is fairly inexpensive. I sampled an octopus salad that was fresh, gingery and ample for only $3.95, and most of the sushi rolls come with eight pieces rather than six and the majority of the sushi selection is under $9. Plus it’s BYOB as Soho was, so grab yourself some Sake from a nearby liquor store and have a pleasant experience with Bruce and company. Takeout and lunch specials available too.

Best of luck to you, Shoyou Sushi!

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