Nachoquest: Shiso Tavern

Sushi Nachos
Sushi Nachos, $11

When last we were talking about Shiso Tavern, it was all about the ramen. As it turns out, and something I up until now forgot about, Shiso’s menu contains what they refer to as “Sushi Nachos” ($11) on it, and if it weren’t my solemnly sworn duty to report any and all things Nacho in this city of ours I probably wouldn’t have purchased them.



At any rate, these “Nachos” feature three individually topped fried wonton wrappers with tuna tataki, spicy salmon and little green things drizzled with a creamy sauce that gets drizzled on all sushi rolls at every sushi place ever in the history of sushi places.

And they are very tasty. But are they nachos?

The last time we encountered individually topped nachos was several eons ago at the now defunct-but-soon-to-be-opening-as-something-else Lime on Fort Avenue in Riverside / Locust Point. Those received two golden nachos out of five for violating almost every tenet of the Nacho Manifesto (which at this point is due for an overhaul) for being tasty but inadequate. These nachos are significantly more expensive than those and provide three “nachos” as opposed to thirteen.

But it’s sushi. My brain is confused but my mouth is somewhat pleased. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO RECTIFY THIS.


  • No naked chips
  • Sushi is tasty
  • Plenty of room on the plate for activities


  • No layering
  • No cheese
  • No jalapenos
  • No sour cream
  • No pico de gallo
  • Not nachos
  • Prometheus tacked on that Alien thing at the end

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