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For the love of roast pork

Sweet baby Jesus, do I love a good roast pork sandwich. Second only to *maybe* a kickass pulled pork sandwich, the roast pork sandwich, when executed properly, is a champion among sandwiches. The peppery, tender porkiness, the sharpness of the cheese, and hopefully a lot of garlic – Baltimore’s menus need more roasted pork sandwich on them GODDAMIT!

Because I realllllly don’t feel like driving all the way up to Philly and waiting in line for an hour at DiNic’s in the Reading Terminal Market. Theirs is a fine sandwich to be sure (Adam Richman sez it’s one of the best in America, to whit). But not worth that amount of travel. But that’s just me.

Fortunately, it turns out, there’s a sufficient analog right over there in Baltimore’s own Locust Point. Behold, the Porketta sandwich at Barracuda’s (1230 E Fort Ave).

Porketta, $9

Slow roasted pork, aged sharp provolone, arugula and garlic mayo sorry, AIOLI on a crusty Italian hoagie roll, I sampled this thing quite by coincidence only a few weeks after having a DiNic’s sub and for the price / portion / time saved it hits the spot dead on. Minor difference being a lack of broccoli rabe and the use of arugula instead, fortunately arugula is still pretty bitter and peppery in the bitter and peppery department and holds up to the sniff test (if by sniff I mean taste, and in this case I do). And while their pork is pulled a la pulled pork and not thinly sliced as with DiNic’s, eh whatever who cares. The point here is that for $9, you get fries with your giant sandwich and more than likely you’ll want a box to take the leftovers home when you’re too full to finish. (Also check out their Cuda Punch if you like getting drunk.)

Kudos to you, Barracuda’s!

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  • Pete D

    Good to know, I too am a devotee of the Roast Pork. Fat Larry’s on Charles does a roast pork but its a bit dry. His provolone is also not “sharp”, particularly by DiNic’s standards. Will be up to Cuda’s soonest.