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The Cosby Sweater Bar Crawl Recap

Another year, another successful trip along the length of Ye Olde Boston Street, when the sweatered masses converged to scrape together a few dollars for local animal shelter BARCS – a few hundy in total! – thanks to all who showed up and rocked their sweaters HARD and enjoyed a great time. Some bullet points before I plug the associated photo album.

  • Apparently people really like this bar crawl to the point that one guy came here from Austin, Texas to participate.
  • Everyone essentially demanded that we do it every year.
  • A couple in attendance, who have been dating for a year, met on last year’s bar crawl. Adorable.
  • Despite a total lack of marketing, it is possibly to have a well attended event given proper word of mouth.
  • The above group shot was taken at Kislings (2100 Fleet St), who graciously opened their upstairs bar to us upon flooding the downstairs area with roughly 50 people.
  • Speaking of the above group shot, a nice lady reshot the group photo upon insisting that I (Evan The Mayor) get in on the action, which we later discovered looks like this:


And here’s some more photos, thanks to @cheeselaine for usage. If you’ve got some photos of your own to add to the mix, feel free to email them to and you’ll be given full credit!

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