Langermann’s on Light

please god let this be the last time I write about this property for a long, long time.

1542 Light Street, in its 40,000th iteration over the past ten years, has become Langermann’s on Light. Their soft opening last week, grand opening next week, the Canton favorite featuring southern styled cuisine comes to South Baltimore, with a virtually untouched interior (some minor cosmetics here and there) from 1542 Gastropub, including the illuminated exterior sign, but boy howdy is the food good. Most of it at least.

By happenstance, I’ve been there twice since the opening and had the chance to sample a wide variety of menu items, and I’ll start with what’s really good – and should seem pretty obvious – the Southern Cuisine. The Mac n Cheese is rich, rich, rich. The shrimp n grits is outstanding. This smothered pork chop is huge, cooked to perfection, holy crap. The ribs appetizer – or entree – are saucy and fall off the bone prepared with great care, and although the tuna tartare appetizer isn’t necessarily southern, it incorporates an incredibly flavorful mix of pickle, avacado and loads of pepper that’ll blow your tastebuds up.

The entrees can get up in price; expect to spend at least 45-60 dollars for two people without drinks. But if you’re having some sort of date night or it’s a special occasion, the friendly service and finally consistent atmosphere of Langermann’s on Light will certainly fit the bill and will be worth your money.

HOWEVER. If you were to decide to plunk down your hard earned dollarinos at this establishment, stick with the Southern stuff. It’s worth it. Don’t go for usual pub grub. This is not a slight on the quality of the pub grub on the menu, but for the price, you’d be better served to get it somewhere cheaper. This buffalo chicken salad was $14.50, and doesn’t really differ appreciably from anything you could eat at Chili’s. Similarly, this bison burger was $10.50, and while it came with fries at least (which were actually really, really crispy and delicious) it might have well come in a basket. It was just ok. The chili ($7.95) was thin and runny, and while the flavor/heat was really good, it made doing anything with the provided torillas – aside from tearing them up and plopping them in the bowl – a messy process. I like my chili like I like my uh, women; thick and chunky dammit! And the fried green tomatoes, for $7.95, were passable but really expensive for what was essentially two slices of tomato. I know, I know, it’s all made fresh and in house and from scratch and all that but as I said in yesterday’s post, I’m a cheap bastard. But that’s just me. If you don’t mind paying $8 for two pieces of tomato, more power to you, citizen.

In total, though, Langermann’s is a pretty great spot. With the promise of Canton’s Langermann’s’s’s awesome brunch options coming to South Baltimore, I get the feeling that maybe there’s a possibility that this space could remain occupied for a good long while. It’s as if a puzzle piece has finally fallen into place in the area, and the picture is revealed to be a smiley face. Best of Luck to you, Langermann’s on Light!


Langermann’s on Light
1542 Light Street, Riverside
(410) 605-0955
[no website as of yet]
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  1. the real question i have is if it’s any different than the one on canton, or basically the same thing? i’ve been to the one in canton, and i agree the shrimp and grits are good.

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