Home Slyce opening 2nd location Downtown

Being just shy of five months since opening, the Cazbar group is taking the seemingly successful formula utilized by South Baltimore’s Home Slyce (1741 Light St)- reasonably priced pizzas and other foodstuffs with a casual atmosphere – and bringing it to the space at 336 N Charles Street known as Goodfella’s Bar and Grill, a mere block away from Cazbar and sandwiching local favorite Mick O’ Shea’s. The 2nd location is set to open in a few weeks, with a similar atmosphere and exact same menu as Home Slyce 1 but a different aesthetic (or so I’m told).

The location is a challenge, in that area of Charles St. just on the very edge of Mount Vernon and Downtown, where Mick O’ Shea’s has managed to hold onto a loyal group of locals and a healthy crowd on the regular. Adjacent Cazbar seems to have capitalized very well on the food delivery market in lieu of feet in the door and larger crowds; if they can manage to do the same thing at Home Slyce 2 then they’ll probably do just fine. The added bonus of Home Slyce 2 emphasizing delivery over crowds (which seems to be working quite well for them in SoBo in addition to having actually fairly robust crowds), the inevitable pool table will more than likely be open for play more often than not.

If anything else, it’ll make that Purple Route Bar Crawl even better!

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