Baltimore Pride Drinking Game!

We saw The Baltimore Chop’s Pride Parade Bingo and we liked it, and we obviously love Pride, but we thought something was missing. The answer was obvious. What makes everything more fun? Alcohol!

So, without further adieu, City that Breeds is proud to present:

The Official Baltimore Pride Drinking Game*

Take 1 drink:
Exposed pubes
Public makeouts
Someone in just their underwear showing off an unimpressive package
Excessive glitter (full body)
Uncomfortable straight people
Someone vomiting

Take 2 drinks:
Partially exposed genitals
Extremely wedged leather thong
Public groaping
Get groped by a stranger
Celebrity look-a-like drag queen
Someone crying
Someone falls down
Good boobs

Take 3 drinks:
Fully exposed genitals
Public official drinking
Get kissed by a stranger
See a past regrettable one-night-stand
Public sex act (genitals out)
Someone vomiting glitter
Public urination

Finish your drink:
Your mom or dad shows up commiting any of the above offenses.

*Not actually official in any way