Nonplussed SRB disapproves of your event

We’ve been noticing a lot, as of late, that Baltimore’s own Stephanie Rawlings Blake has been appearing in photo ops looking a bit… disenchanted. As if, whether at a community planting for kids or at a budgetary hearing, SRB appears nonplussed, upset, bored, or possibly just detached from events surrounding her. Observe:

Baltimore Brew caught this particular moment of ennui demonstrated by the mayor back in April and we couldn’t help but wonder: Where else has she been, looking all nonplussed like that? We scoured the internet for literally minutes and found some shocking results. It would seem, dear readers, that Stephanie Rawlings Blake has been *all over the place* looking semi-miserable or semi-bored – at events spanning time and space. Join us as we reveal the shocking truth.

As we dig deeper, we’ll be sure to let you all know when we find more instances of Nonplussed SRB in the mix. Or if you’ve got a hot tip as to where you might have seen one, leave it in the comments.

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