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Or is it? It’s impossible to tell with SILKS. It’s for sale/lease but owner Kevin hardly ever puts the lights on from my understanding, is Kevin even alive anymore? SILLLLKS!

SILKS will always have a solid gold place in my shriveled heart; nearly three years ago it was my very first guest post on ye olde Midnight Sun, a tale of how a group of folks I was with randomly stumbled into SILKS when it happened to be open, and zaniness ensued. Then commenter TheBeav responded with this ruby encrusted tale:

Last time I went to Silks, Kevin told a great story about when he was catching a flight home. He ran into a “hot blonde” in the airport and struck up a conversation with her. It turns out she was an adult film star, and was accompanying Chris McCalister. The two of them ended up coming back to Silks with Kevin, and enjoyed a lengthy night of drinking and shooting pool upstairs. Come 3 or 4 in the morning, C-Mac and his lady-friend get ready to settle up, and Kevin gives them a bill for $30. The porn star proceeds to whip out a $50 and thanks Kevin. C-Mac, the gentleman that he is, decides that is too big a tip, swipes the $50, and leaves two $20s instead. All this from a guy making $8 mil a year…classy.

If whomever decides to purchase or lease the property known as SILKS can come up with even 0.02% the amount of awesome stories coming out of Kevin and his magically weird bar, the universe can remain in balance. Otherwise, just forget it people! Life’s not worth living anymore. Let this business card from SILKS be evidence of that fact.


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  • Jamie Schott

    That’s the most confusing goddamn map I’ve ever seen.