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Republic Noodle no getty liquor license, closes

CALAMITY!!!! Commenter DLT7 breaks the news that Republic Noodle (1121 Light St., Federal Hill) has very very sadly and probably overpricedly closed. According to their website and a flyer on the door:

We were unable to acquire an affordable liquor license at this location and have closed the restaurant. Please look for our new virtual restaurant and website, in the near future, for Pan Asian food and beverage recipes, history, culture, and our “POP-UP” restaurant locations until we find a new home.
We wish to thank everyone who understood, appreciated, and patronized our unique, forward-looking, ONE-OF-A-KIND establishment.
Thank You…
Republic Noodle

“Affordable” liquor license?



… hhahahaahah aaaaahaahahahhaa — Sorry, I was thinking about a funny joke I heard last night. Guess that BYOB license wasn’t enough? Or did people just not enjoy the eco-friendly pan-asian cuisine that consisted of canned broth and one (1) shrimp tempura with Udon noodles that weren’t even Udon noodles by any stretch of the imagination? Nah, must be the liquor license.

Can’t wait for the “POP-UP” restaurant!


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  • Whomever owns the building… please find us a true Pho restaurant… that would be awesome!  

  • Did you ever eat at Republic Noodle or sit down and talk with the owner? Because ALL the broth was made in house, NOT canned. Get your facts straight before you bash something.