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JA Murphy’s is now Murphy’s Law

(update: The episode of Bar Rescue has aired and Murphy’s Law has since closed. Read more here.)

I’m a bit confused here. Last month, it was announced pretty much everywhere that Spike TV’s Bar Rescue (Kitchen Nightmares for bars) would be filming at JA Murphy’s (1703 Aliceanna St, Fells Point). Then, something something about filming being postponed until further notice. Two days later, Baltimore Magazine runs a blogopost about how the writer Jess Blumberg was there for the filming, complete with quotes from owner Keith Murphy and the head of the show, Jon Taffer. So I guess the filming occurred, the grand reopening occurred, but I didn’t (at least to my knowledge) hear hide nor hair of such a reopening, until I walked right past the place the other night and said “Oh, I guess they filmed the show after all.”

I *should* have probably stopped in to check it out, but a cursory glance at the layout pretty much looked identical to the way it used to be as JA Murphy’s – there seemed to be a healthy crowd of folks hanging out, some more people sitting at a few outdoor tables, nothing too crazy. Has anyone given the new Murphy’s a whirl? I should probably just give it a whirl. Whirl. You ever say a word over and over until it loses all meaning? Whirl. Whirl.

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  • baltimoregal

    I approve of the name change.

  • Geoff

    I was never a huge fan of JA Murphys (I loved LuLus), but I liked some of the drinks they had (jameson and ginger in a huge jameson bottle for example) – stopped by last weekend…they got rid of all the crazy drinks they used to have, as well as the ‘spin the wheel’ contraption they had.  The main changes seemed to be new chairs , plastic pint glasses (what), and a new small bar area on the other side of the bar.  They cleaned up the patio a little bit….but the bathrooms are as nasty as ever (or at least the guys is).  Really they just made it an unremarkable place…there is nothing special about it all now.

  • Mike

    Not that I was a regular there to begin with, but that new sign screams tourist trap.

  • Jamie Schott

    Dude, so that’s what happened.  I’ve never actually made it past the front door but was walking past last week and noticed the name change.  Is that the big rescue? So basically they changed the Ford Aerostar to the Ford Winstar and everything is cool?  Plastic pint glasses?  For the win?  I can imagine that place had a few broken glasses in the past. 

  • BK

    I recently stopped in.  Looks great. New $20k temperature conditioned tap tower… but still not much good beer. Well, if you consider Irish beer – good beer, then you may think differently.

  • Tyrone

    Everybody is an armchair turnaround expert critic.