HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWESOME! A review of Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club* ad has almost four million views. Chances are you are responsible for at least one of those views. It’s a pretty funny ad that promises that their blades are “fucking great.” And the concept is great: inexpensive off-brand razors delivered to your door once a month. They offer $1, $6, and $9 monthly packages with the $9 and $6 ones including shipping.

Being the genius that I am, I decided to test it out. Everyone with the need to shave knows that razors are ridiculously expensive. And if we were in an infomercial I would try to convince you that picking them up from the store is really fucking hard. The boioioing sound would play while I drop a stack of cartridges and I would look exasperated. But let’s be honest, it’s not hard, we’re just lazy. The way I see it, any time someone can bring something to me for cheaper than I could go out and get it myself is a win. But, really, anything that reduces my need for pants is a win. I’m relatively easy to please. Also I hate pants.

But I digress. I mentioned Dollar Shave Club offers 3 different razor packages. I went with The Executive because, for just $9 a month I could get the best one they offer. Also, it says it’s like a personal assistant for your face. That makes me feel like Jack Donaghey, and who doesn’t want to feel like Jack Donaghey?

So my package came in yesterday! I was very excited, more excited than I probably should be about razors, but come on. This has the potential to revolutionize shaving! I’m not even exaggerating. My package came with a membership card that made me smile. They really do have a great sense of humor.

I feel so included!
All the contents

So, YAY! Got all my stuffs, which leaves the question, are the blades fucking great?

Yeah. They are pretty nice. And that strip at the top of the razor has aloe and shit to make your face feel all soothed. All in all the shave was pretty smooth and pleasant. My only complaint is that the 5 blades of The Executive are real close together making rinsing a little difficult. I will say that the handle is made mostly of metal and feels really sturdy and durable. It has a nice feeling in your hand.


Here’s the link* again. I think there might be a waiting list, but it’s totally worth it.


DISCLAIMER: There is a referral bonus for signing other people up for Dollar Shave Club. For everyone you sign up, you get a free month. The two links in the article are my referral links. I DID NOT write this article so I could get free stuff. But, if you want to help a blogger out, use those links. if not, use this one.

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  1. Buy in bulk from their supplier, DorcoUSA.com. Do the math and enjoy the savings. You’ll get better razors and faster delivery for MUCH less.

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