Alewife adds some (more) high end items to dinner menu

A few nights ago I was traipsing about around downtown when I happened to meet a guy named Matt Wertman, who has been doing a bit of work over at Alewife (21 North Eutaw St., Downtown) during the lunch shift. He’s assisting Head Chef Chad Wells with cooking and what not, just generally being a good part timer – Matt has had his fair share of Cheffing himself, helping to build out a few menu items here and there around town at say for instance Hersh’s Pizza and Drinks over in SoBo, among others.

At any rate we had a fine chat, discussed the virtues of beef jerky and a few other things, and he gave me a copy of the new Alewife menu with a few new items that might be of interest to you, the restaurant patron. Here’s a list, I left out the salads for the sake of length:


  • House Pickles, smoked nuts (ehehehe) ($5) – seeing a *lot* of house pickles and smoked nuts these days, pickled green beans, pickled pigs fee- oh wait

Light Fare

  • Wild Boar Meatballs ($12) – shaved fennel, diakon sprout & pickled carrot salad, ginger mustard sauce
  • Bread Board ($13) – crusty bread (grilled), hickory smoked bluefish spread (Fish Spread?!?)


  • Chile Relleno ($16) – stuffed with quinoa, goat cheese, spinach with spicy ranchero sauce, black bean and corn salad
  • BBQ Braised Pork Chop ($24)(!!) – 10oz center cut rib chop, mango barbeque (there’s that mango again), warm potato & white bean confit salad, chipotle slaw

It all sounds pretty good to me, stopping short of dropping $24 on that pork entree for a picture but damn that sounds pretty good. Has anyone tried any of the new stuff?

ALSO FYI: Alewife will be celebrating the release of Heavy Seas Plank II, the second in a line of wood aged beers TOMORROW (03/21/12) at 7pm. Here’s a blurb:

[…]Wood experts used retified eucalyptus and poplar that infuse toffee and chocolate aromas and flavors to the base beer (a velvety doppelbock).

The first 48(?) folks get a free pint glass. Try out some of that new stuff if you go or something.

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