A reader’s plea: Where’s the *best* delivery coming from?

A short while ago, I received an email from a reader who expressed and all-caps interest in finding out the following:


Well, excited reader, this is kind of a tricky question, isn’t it? I mean, delivery quality can boil down to prompt delivery, the quality of the food, the range of delivery, several layers and factors to consider here, yes? And obviously someone who lives in say, Violetville isn’t going to benefit from the knowledge that Mustang Pizza out in Dundalk has the best delivery, but I guess it’s still a feather in their cap to enjoy such a distinction, even if it’s limited to their geographical pocket of this here city.

I’ve been around to more than a few Baltimore neighborhoods myself, at least, the liveable ones – and have sampled more than a fair share of delivery/carryout cuisine in the past decade, and one such delivery joint sticks out in my head as excelsior: Giovanni’s Tutti Gusti (3102 Fait Ave, Canton)

Excellent Italian cuisine (stuffed shells, ridiculous), more than decent pizza, plus they optionally deliver wine and beer to your door. As a price/quality ratio is concerned, theirs is pretty up there, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that their time for delivery as estimated over the phone have actually been *lower* than what they tell you initially. Chinese Taste #2534 can’t usually claim that distinction.

But that’s just me, I’ve been made aware that some restaurants (Mother’s Federal Hill Grille springs to mind) have begun offering delivery service but I’M JUST ONE MAN AND I CAN’T KEEP TRACK OK, what other delivery joints deserve some attention and affection?

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9 thoughts on “A reader’s plea: Where’s the *best* delivery coming from?

  1. Tijuana Taco up on Baltimore and Potomac has some of the best Mexican food around and they sling it lickity  split.  They said “10 minutes” and I didn’t believe them. Not for delivery.  They were here in 15 minutes with some bangin’ chili relleno.  Priced well too. 
    Nice shout to Tutti Gusti. One of my favs fa shao!

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