SoBo’s The Reserve is closed forever, until next week

Man, South Baltimore is on a roll these days with the closings and the reopenings and the rollovers and the what not – The Reserve (1542 Light St, Riverside) is now “closed” … for a week.

Here’s a bizarrely worded update per their Facebook page:

After 2 1/2 Wonderful years*, The Reserve is officially closing its doors today. Thank you all for your continued support! However, we have a special surprise in store for you all…so stay tuned. The doors will be closed from 2/20-2/27 for construction. Enjoy this weather & have a wonderful week!

So “The Reserve” is out, a week of construction is in and no new owners to speak of via the liquor board. So Hooray for Rebranding!

I suppose this is a good thing, The Reserve has had its share of bizarre feedback, owners getting arrested for possession and/or bowing out of the biz, really a myriad of issues ranging from identity problems (are you upscale casual or a broseph hangout, the old people eating their dinner quietly would want to know that ahead of time) to reportedly disastrous service issues to lawsuits by managers against other restaurant owners less than a block away. Yeah, it’s probably time to retool things a bit. I’ll refrain from going on and on about this place, but oh the stories some of my associates could tell.

Best of luck with the reboot gang, looking forward to seeing what you can do.

UPDATE: Hyper-local newcomer blog has a nice wrapup of some history on the 1542 Light St space as well as some additional info on Reserve owned Taco Spot and its closure/expansion/new liquor license – there seems to be a lot of liquor license jujitsu going on with these guys so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The Reserve’s new monicker will be “1542 Gastropub.” I wonder if the menus will have dollar signs?

*is it just me or is 2 1/2 years the new “I give it a year”

3 thoughts on “SoBo’s The Reserve is closed forever, until next week

  1. That place has had more new menus than the O’s have had starting pitchers.  It’s always weird for the chef to bring you out food while the Trivia is blaring out of the microphone!  

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