Fun with bad reviews: cab theft edition

Here’s something you don’t see all that often – a post on another blog about etiquette referencing a Baltimore area restaurant by way of its waitstaff not at the restaurant, an incident in which an employee of said restaurant jacked a cab the reviewer/writer was hailing:

It turns out that the place she so desperately needed to go, to the point that she needed to steal our cab, was a vegan cafe just north of campus that was only a five-to-ten minute walk down the street. She was wearing the cafe t-shirt and was obviously waitstaff, and most likely late for her shift. But with the morning traffic the drive probably took as long as the walk would have!

Granted, the incident in question was some time ago (over a year), but the most important point comes at the end of the entry:

To this day I refuse to eat at that particular cafe, which is notorious for having mediocre vegan food and rude, slow service. Go figure!

Normally the “I refuse to eat/patronize that establishment ever again” is a direct result of shitty service on site, but this one is interesting to me as it demonstrates the importance of not being a jack-off while in work attire as an employee, something most wait staff would never really even consider unless, unlike this particular cab-thief, you take your job remotely seriously.

This kind of nail-in-the-coffin conclusion for a bad experience almost never ends there either, does it – I know plenty of people who have sworn off of X restaurant or YZ bar, and make *very* sure they tell absolutely everyone they know and complete strangers, should they hear a mention of such places, and certainly the copy/pasting of negative reviews everywhere on the internet is nothing new.

I guess the lesson here is three-fold: 1) if you’re going to steal someone’s cab, don’t wear your work attire that clearly indicates where you work, 2) don’t steal someone’s cab, that’s totally a dick move, and 3) if you’re forced to share a cab that you attempted to steal and you intended to ride the cab to work, *maybe* get dropped off like a block away so the people don’t know for absolute certainty that that’s where you work.

(Vegan cafe name redacted by etiquette article author)

5 thoughts on “Fun with bad reviews: cab theft edition

  1. There is a bartender at One World Cafe who is a gigantic prick. Treats customers like garbage, especially if they’re women. Fuck that place.

  2. I was at Target once and saw an Target “team member” park in a handicapped spot, walk unaided to the door while on her phone. I should have followed her in and asked to see a manager, but i was in a hurry. She did have a handicapped placard, but that doesn’t mean shit. also, i don’t think i’d stop going to Target due to this broad.

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