The trials and tribulations of Mahaffey’s ….beer club website

edit: Monseigneur Mahaffey’s email to the beer club regarding the site is at the bottom with an “it’ll be back folks!”

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Ever heard of Mahaffey’s (2706 Dillon St., Canton) beer club? The much beloved neighborhood establishment known for its giant burgers and decent happy hour has its own rather impressive operation celebrating its patrons who consume vast quantities of beer, with scaled rewards starting at 100 (!) different beers all the way up to a thousand, from plaques to polo shirts, free mugs and happy hours. Seems like a pretty monumental task, doesn’t it? It is, one that only the most die-hard fans of drinking in general could achieve.

Challenging enough, in fact, that the beer club had its own page on the Mahaffey’s website. Complete with a leaderboard, listings for upcoming beers, a full list of the rules for the beer club and any other pertinent information relating to said beer club, members routinely check the page in order to plan their drinking schedules and jockey for top position in the pantheon of drinkingania. In short, it’s a big deal to those involved.

At least it was, until a little while ago when – word on the street has it – a certain personnel was let go from the other Mahaffey establishment, Bistro Rx, who just so happened to be a sig O to one Mahaffey’s dot com’s web master.

And *poof*, say PEACE OUT to the beer club website! …as well as the front page and all other related pages on Mahaffey’s dot com (the rules for the beer club are still available on their Facebook page however). Obviously I don’t know the ins and outs of what would appear to be a dispute of a personal nature between owners/employers/employees and significant others, but damn talk about revenge tactics! That is unless it’s merely a temporary pulldown of the site, in which case it won’t matter really in the long run. I’d be hella pissed if I were in the beer club and my precious beer club website disappeared! Or probably if I owned Mahaffey’s too, either way.

What say you? Over the line? Kinda funny? He had it coming?

–insert email from Mahaffey plz to read–

All right, so what’s happening with the website… A lot of you have noticed that has been down since Sunday evening. Please know that, from our end, this was uncontrollable. Screws fall out all the time; the world is an imperfest place. However, it will be back up as soon as humanly possible and, with the adjustments that we are making behind the scenes, this catastrophic event should never happen again.

Please rest assured that the beers you purchase and enjoy until that time will be logged in as soon as the site is back up. In the mean time, since you cannot tell online which beers you have had and have not had, we are making an even bigger endeavor to bring in as many new beers as possible so that, by seeing the beer in italics on the beer list, there will be no equivocation on your part.

8 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations of Mahaffey’s ….beer club website

  1. WHOIS information for that domain can be found here.  

    From the looks of it, Wayne, the proprietor, is also the technical contact.  That does not mean much when it comes to access to his actual webhost, however. 

  2. Weird. The thing I don’t get though is that if you drink 1000 different beers, wouldn’t you at some point say “Damn. that was a really good beer. I want to drink that one again.”?

    The beer is always hoppier from the other tap, I guess.

  3. It’s always updated, usually daily.  And it will be back. It’s a hiccup and those in the beer club have been informed via email that everything is being tracked.  Been down maybe a week, the sky has not fallen. 

  4. I was wondering why I couldn’t get on the website last night. I love that I can still hear all the gossip from home even though I don’t live there anymore.

    And I stopped the beer club after 100. I just wanted my name on the plaque. After I got that I stopped caring.

  5. Wayne always reminded me of Mr. Magoo… creepy yet likeable, bumbling, blind (well, blind drunk), and always stumbling into success despite himself.

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