So remember last summer when I was going on about how a friend of mine that lives in Texas participated in an awesome, 15-man bike bar crawl? And how everyone said it would never work in Baltimore? Yeah well guess what, we have something ….mostly similar now in Baltimore, in the form of the Charm City Pedal Mill!

The premise is the same: people sit on a very large bar-shaped vehicle with 14+ seats and pedals at each seat, patrons sit down and power the vehicle while a captain steers it around and about. The primary difference from the Pedal Party, unfortunately, with this vehicle is an absence of alcohol but riders can pack food and beverages of any other kind along for the ride. The company currently has an “approved” route through Fells Point, hitting up several bars between James Joyce and Ale Mary’s, and it sounds like an absolute blast.

It also just so happens to be today’s Groupon, featuring a 2-hour tour from $12. WHO’S DOING THIS, I’M DOING THIS. Get some exercise and a bar crawl at the same time!