Local DJ wears awesome shirt with baseball legend

Legendary Orioles manager (the) Earl Weaver was in town last week to participate in some sort of sports-related discussion thing at the Sports Legend Museum (naturally), where he more than likely cursed a lot and gave everyone their what-fors, a time which one could only imagine as really really fun – and then I saw this picture posted on the internets:

That’s right folks, 98 Rock DJ Don (aka Cap’n Don) wearing one of our “PRESS START” t-shirts, hand-in-hand with sports legend Earl Weaver.

I could just puke, this picture is so awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I’ve decided to give those shirts a deep discount! All “PRESS START” shirts are now $13 (<—click – a $10 discount!) from now until I decide to end the discount. Remember, $5 from every shirt goes to BARCS! You can’t pass this up people! Be like Don and look awesome!

Cap’n Don can be seen DJ’ing his butt off at Towson’s Rec Room (512 York Rd., Towson), Angel’s Rock Bar (10 Market Place, Inner Harbor) on weekends, so check his wonderful self out. And while you’re at it, check out his “Shipwrecked With Cap’n Don” t-shirts he’s selling on Swag Dog, a portion of the proceeds go to The Life and Breath Foundation, who raise funds and awareness to fight Sarcoidosis, a very serious respiratory affliction.


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