The return of “I don’t know, I guess this could work, maybe?”

Roughly a year ago, The City That Breeds was lucky enough to have recruited this guy SpaceManAndy, a NASA employee with a knack for giving advice, to begin writing a weekly advice column in order to deal with the issues of our day in a style unrivaled by 20 Dr. Phils duct taped together. His breadth of knowledge spanned all topics, from what do to in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, to how to go about having blind fury sex with a Republican, all the way to advice on the perfect martini. (you can see all of his posts here)

Sadly, the suits at NASA caught wind of his gift – both on The Twitter and here – and locked him up in a hermetically sealed laboratory to study his powers (or maybe they threatened his job status, I can’t remember really) over the past year and change. As time passed Andy plotted and schemed his escape, and fortunately for the world at large, SpaceManAndy has escaped his captivity (or maybe he got a new job, I can’t remember really) and is returning to his most sacred of duties (hehehehehe doodie), writing a joke advice column for a local blog.

But no advice column is complete without you, the wondering public, those with problems that need solving. And so we implore you, for your own good, to email your problems/questions/pictures of cats to and seek help. Or, if you’re all Twittered up, use the hashtag #AskAndy. On occasion, we’ll give out prizes to especially fun questions and/or problems, so make ’em good people!


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