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The HONtroversy Zeta – the ultimater flame war

In our last episode
, City Paper had just published a feature-length interview with Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting, the contents of which completely backfired and caused an upswell of renewed ire at her for the then-recent revelation that she had trademarked the colloquial term “Hon.” And here we are months later, when Baltimore Sun reports that Denise Whiting, in anticipation of next week’s HonFest, has distributed a list of restrictions on area businesses participating in the annual affair. “No politics. No religion. Nothing bearing the Honfest logo. Nothing that would infringe on the various Hon trademarks. And what chapped folks the most: no cat’s-eye glasses.”

Totally unshockingly, the backlash has been equally vitriolic and kind of hilarious and you should read it all:

DW has rewritten the definition of hon, it begins with C and ends with T


Oh Denise, your perpetually loaded aimed-at-your-foot-gun just keeps going off! Seriously though, next year I’m organizing NOH Fest somewhere, anyone want to come? There will be pie!


photo by City Paper, 8 bit flames by me

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  • Neal Moorhouse

    I’ll be at NOH fest!

  • I’ll bring the pie!

  • I will definitely attend NOH fest – name the time and place! 🙂 I have never been able to make it to HON fest and was going to make this year my first, but I may have just changed my mind!

  • Gregory Mergner

    Will there be punch as well?