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John Waters: Still ahead of the curve

What with HON™Fest spreading out its festering wings tomorrow through Sunday and all the flubbub going on with Denise™ Whiting’s™ latest antics, I started noticing folks electronically distributing USA Today’s “recent” interview with John Waters and his apparent swearing off on the word “Hon™” and Hon™ culture in general:

“To me, it’s used up,” Waters said of Hon™ style. “It’s condescending now. The people that celebrate it are not from it. I feel that in some weird way they’re looking slightly down on it. I only celebrate something I can look up to.”

“I remember this article” I quipped, “I remember it well.” Because it was posted on my birthday, three years ago. “Heh, everyone is distributing this three year old article,” I quipped, “I bet they don’t even know it’s three years old.” I kept quipping for a few more minutes as the article was shared over and over in my Facebook feed, like a boss.

Eventually everyone figured out it was three years old, and came to the collective revelation that they should have written off Something-Fest a long time ago just as John Waters did. Such an innovator that John Waters! Personally, the last time I attended Something-Fest a few years ago I remember seeing a booth for Gutter Guards and/or State Farm Insurance and quipped, “Something-Fest sucks, I’m outta here.” And I totally left. Dropping my funnel cake on the ground, I sashayed down Falls Road all the way to Penn Station, and jumped in front of a train (like a boss). Happy weekend to you all, Baltimore!

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  • Farleylives
    • totally adding this to the post

  • I think the lesson here is this: just be quicker to do away with politeness and propriety. I’ve never actually wanted to go to Honfest, and when I wrote a post about it last year the tone was basically “We’d never go and we think it’s a little corny, but y’all have fun…”

    This year the tone is eff you Denise.

  • Sam Sessa

    Yeah, this is the AP version of a front pager I did for The Sun back in ’08. I got John Waters in a lot of trouble over this. He even had to make some kind of public apology/explanation, I think.

    See, when I’d interviewed him, Honfest was still a couple weeks away, and I don’t think he quite realized what I was up to. And then … BAM!

    Anyway, he was a good sport about it. When I ran into him at Lithuanian Hall last year, he laughed about it, and said “you really got me, fair and square.”