Costas Inn turns 40, is still awesome

I hadn’t had the fortune of finding myself and or having a meal at Dundalk’s Costas Inn (4100 North Point Blvd) since I was a wee lad, but a weekendish ago participated in a crab feast at the acclaimed seafood-and-everything-else restaurant to much enjoyment. It doesn’t really appear that the decor has changed since its inaugural year of 1971, still has wood paneling – every square inch of which is covered in either horse related memorabilia or sailing/watermen related memoriabilia, still has drop ceilings, still has an awesome bar/lounge with shuffle bowl, and still has some of the BEST GODDAMN CRABS in the city. Seriously these things are huge, completely caked with crab seasoning and prepared in that “dry” style (steamed and allowed to drain) that I often prefer.

I wasn’t even aware of the fact that Costas, in addition to its full compliment of seafood dishes, also has a full selection of pit meats on their menu, prepared to your liking. I had a pit ham/turkey with horseradish and onion which holds its own in the flavor department, maintaining that essential juiciness that makes a pit meat sandwich a divine meal. I mean, its no The Raven, but nothing really is so I’ll allow it.

If you go, however, prepare to wait a while. Service is a bit slow – friendly, but slow – and more than likely at some point you’ll shake crab-encrusted hands with one of the owners, who are incredibly friendly as well. But if you’re willing to wait until the bitter end and can manage to save some room, try one of these:

Either the brownie a la mode or really any of their desserts, they’re all pretty awesome looking. I wanted to try the funnel cake fries (not like the ones at Burger King ) but was too full already – of booze.

Anyway, happy 40th to you, Costas Inn! Keep up the good work.

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