Things we lost in the fire

Not that anyone noticed, but The City That Breeds suffered an enormous meltdown on May 4th, 2011 when the hosting company we used to do business with suddenly…. disappeared. After waking up one morning and discovering that the last three years of material simply vanished, I spent the majority of the past week and change frantically digging up database backups, previously downloaded file backups, all while determining how to wrest the domain name from the out-to-lunch host who refused to respond to numerous support tickets, emails, and phone calls. Three or four days later, the server magically returned to service, giving me enough time to generate a full backup and transfer hosts (Tip of the hat to for all their help), which brings us to today – where things are pretty much back to normal.

That’s the good news. The bad news, unfortunately, is that The City That Feeds is gone. Wiped out. Which at this point is kind of like sacrificing your smaller, weaker stepchild to save your firstborn son; it sucks, but at least the one that had potential made it.

Welp, back to posting! Thanks to all of you who still read this crap after all this time, and thanks to you who just started reading this crap.

7 thoughts on “Things we lost in the fire

    1. Actually I’m going to put together a guide for how to deal with a situation like the one I/we was/were in, in which I will out them. *Hard*.

    1. much obliged sir but you don’t have to – I’m just going to focus my “energy” on keeping this ship afloat from here on out

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