Stuggy’s Old Fashioned – best hot dogs in the city? (!)

Even if you’re a 9th level Vegan, chances are pretty high that at some point in time in your life, you’ll develop a deep-seated, insatiable craving for mankind’s greatest achievement (aside from nachos), the hot dog. And if, when such a craving strikes, you go anywhere other that Stuggy’s (809 South Broadway) in Fells Point, you’re wasting your time and/or money. Stuggy’s menu boasts nine specialty dogs and sausages along with your standard quarter pound classics (all made to your customized liking, natch), including the Chi-town Dog (pictured, $5.99) heaped with corn relish, peppers, onions, tomato and a pickle spear. I came this close to ordering The Cuban ($7.09), which features pulled pork, swiss, pickle and mustard all piled on top of a 1/4 pound dog, but whatever. Either way, rest assured whatever dog you choose you’ll walk (or stumble, if you’re shithammered) away satisfied.

And as a bonus, the guy running the joint gave me a free drink for announcing that Saliva’s “Click Click Boom” really sucks, since it was on the radio at the time. Nice!


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5 thoughts on “Stuggy’s Old Fashioned – best hot dogs in the city? (!)

  1. Been there.  The food availability does not match the menu – so don’t bring your non-beef and non-pork-eating friends.  The fried stuff was greasy and tasteless.  The dogs were ok, but nothing to write home about.  The service was tolerable, but barely.  2.5 stars – 1 for getting a lot of press lately, and 1.5 for their food/service.   

    1. Good point about the availability, at time of service they were out of a few key ingredients like sauerkraut – which if you’re going to do hot dogs and sausages, you’d better have on hand at all times. Agree to disagree about the dog’s flavor, it was hellatasty

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