Quintessential Baltimore coffee table book turning 10, we’re giving away a copy

(the winner has been announced! but feel free to leave your “then and now” comments below if you wanna!)

Thunder Bay’s popular series Then and Now has been around for a while, and Baltimore’s version (with heavy lifting by Midnight Sunner/beer blogger/photog Alexander D. Mitchell IV) Baltimore: Then and Now is itching to turn 10 years old in the next year (at least, the production, it was published in 2002).

Baltimore: Then and Now is literally the perfect coffee table book for any Baltimore resident, featuring archived and historic photos of notable locations in and around Baltimore City, with modern day photography placed side by side for comparison. It’s a history lesson coupled with a bit of commentary; as photos of some of the Northwest and Western neighborhoods are mirrored to their modern day iterations, Baltimore’s period of great decline becomes a reality that stirs a need for progress in even the most jaded reader. The majority of the modern photos are still very much up-to-date, though since the shots are nearly a decade old a few of them hold a nostalgia of their own (The Ritz Carlton Residences and Harbor East hadn’t been built yet, nor the Mega Eyesore known as the Convention Center Hilton) – maybe a Then and Then and Now sequel is in order? Hell I’d buy it.

At any rate, in honor of the success and/or neatitude enjoyed by Baltimore: Then and Now we’re giving away a copy! Wanna win it? Just leave a comment detailing your favorite place in Baltimore – Then or Now. Pretty easy, right? Then get to it! A winner will be selected by Sunday night, and announced Monday. Win it!

20 thoughts on “Quintessential Baltimore coffee table book turning 10, we’re giving away a copy

  1.  There is just something about those stand up tables at Faidley’s in Lexington Market.  Munching on a crabcake sandwich and never knowing who is standing next to you or what their story is.

    I also love wandering the streets of Bolton Hill and soaking in the vibe of the area and the beauty of the architecture. 

    So, I listed two… does that disqualify me?

  2. I got married at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. My wife left me for someone else, but Baltimore will always stay with me… Hon.

  3. This book was a great addition to my collection and I made sure that friends and family in Baltimore had a copy….it is always great to see a local author recognized for his work!

  4. my grandfather used to live on Bethel St, right next to H&S.  i miss sitting on his stoop on Sundays, smelling the bread.  

  5. My grandparents used to live in Baltimore when my grandfather was in the Navy, now my best friend lives about a block away from their old apartment.  My friend lives in the Highfield House and I would have to say that my favorite place was sitting at his huge window and looking out on to Charles St.  HOWEVER a week ago I had my first experience with the Lithuanian Dance Hall party and had my first John Waters sighting while dancing away to euro surf rock-so that’s my favorite place in Baltimore now!

  6. I’ll never forget the time I walked into Brewer’s Art for the first time on a Saturday afternoon. It was bright out and it took ten minutes to adjust to the lighting in the basement but it was really cool. And red. So, so red.

  7. Then: watching the Pride of Baltimore II being built between the Science Center and Harborplace … I loved watching that beautiful ship being built. Now: The Avenue in Hampden, it’s SO Baltimore Hon!

  8.  Watching the end of a summer day at the top of Federal Hill. Good spot for kite flying, people watching, relaxing, taking Baltimore and Home in..

  9. The hammocks (now just arondack chairs) at Tide Point.  Great view and usually very private, especially on weekend mornings. 

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