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Lagers Pub vacated, dispute between owner and landlord cited

It seems like just yesterday Lagers Pub (2522 Fait Ave, Canton) received a glowing review from b (the free daily) with a refreshed chef, service staff and ownership, things were looking bright for the Canton establishment (Despite the fact that it may or may not Get Sexy In There anymore). But according to an employee, as of yesterday Lagers is closed and gutted, due to a disagreement over the time-honored issue of “Rent” between business and building owner. It seems owner Nicholle O’Malley had signed a 5-year lease for the property at 2522 Fait, which was coming to an end this month. However, the property owner of the building wanted to double the rent to the tune of ~7000 dollars, so O’Malley promptly ripped everything out and vacated the premises. O’Malley now essentially holds in her possession a liquor license and a full set of bar equipment (INLCUDING THE BAR), with no building to house them as of yet. Meanwhile, the owner of the property itself is stuck with a fully gutted bar.

You can’t make this stuff up, people!

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  • Anon

    wow!  Sorry Nicole.  This almost happened to me 4 years ago as my landlord wanted market value after our first term was up, I had to renegiate my lease and lock myself in for 20 years.  I remember thinking to myself, I created the market value, I increase the value of your building.  Everything will work out hopefully.   

  • Anonymouse

    Bummer.  I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Lagers (can be great, can be douchey) but that is rough. It already took a blow when Faith left as chef.  This is just the nail in the coffin. 

    • hungry hippo

      Faith from Captain Larry’s fame???  Captain Larry’s used to and still has great food as well as ownership, past and present.  Getting hungry! 

      • Heywould


  • DR clark

     tina vermeire loves butt

  • Dr Pussy

     JR Vermeire is totally awesome.

  • Truthbknown

    Its a shame that people don’t get all the facts from the article. Did they talk to landlords? Do they know that the landlords offered to maintain rent at existing rates months ago so lease would not expire? Doubled? Hardly. Tenants history is well known…

    • Elaine3233

      Lagers was at it’s peak until she took over…several hears back that place was the mecca of bars off the square. She drove it into the ground. I hope the old owners take it back over. It’s a shame. 

      • Blerp

        It had gotten pretty good. Good chef, trivia, theme parties, good mix of people in a neighborhood bar that wasn’t packed full of only square dbags. still, it’s tough to make a profit in places like that and regulars weren’t enough. Too bad…it had been looking like a real turnaround over the past 6 months. Now we need to find a new neighborhood bar off the square.

  • Lookups

    This article has it all wrong. This tenant is a thief. She’s defrauded people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • HolySmokes

     Two years ago, my fiance and I lived here. The property owner is a douchebag, and wouldn’t even fix problems in the apartments upstairs. It took us forever to get our mail, because it turns out the property isn’t zoned for apartments. Not to mention that the heat/AC never worked, and there was ONE thermostat for the entire upstairs (two apartments and the bar office). Since we moved, I know that the owner had several bad bar managers who stole tens of thousands of dollars from the place. When Nicole took over, it finally regulated and seemed to be doing well, with less douchebags. We even went back and enjoyed ourselves. I don’t understand why the property owner can’t offer the same rate he did a few months ago now, other than he’s an incredibly shady individual. Nicole was the best thing about Lagers, I hope she gets a new place.

  • Jamieschott

    Anybody wanna buy some bar guts?


  • Sam Sessa

    Finally, my chance to open LIGERS, my lion/tiger themed pub.

    • ahahahahahaha

    • Heywould

      This should be the top comment