Tabrizi’s (Tiki Barge) liquor license suspended for 30 days

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Hot off the Twitter presses, it looks like the residents of Harborview and parties involved in the run on Tabrizi’s liquor license and its associated entity – the Tiki Barge – have won a partial victory with a 30 day suspension. Tiki Barge first came under protest in February when residents of the Harborview community took issue with the loudness, the simulated sex with potted plants, and other things occurring over last summer’s blockbuster debut of the floating party barge. So essentially, no booze at Harborview starting July 1st until their license is restored.

Here’s the breakdown of the reasoning, via Steve Fogleman:

Tiki barge was suspended due to licensee’s last minute security last summer. We are confident the situation will improve there. When [approved] last year, Counsel for tiki barge gave [the Liquor Board] a letter of approval from a “community group” that was actually controlled by the developer. Counsel for tiki barge also implied the barge was mostly to be used by residents. The bar is a great concept, but we weren’t told the true story. Going forward, we like the tiki barge. The penalty was for past misrepresentations and initial lax security.

In other words, “See yall real soon!” (that’s the Tiki Barge talking) Sad to see that the organizers entrenched themselves in a dodgy methodology for getting the whole Barge up and running; I can’t help but wonder if they had been forthright with the residents of Harborview and said “Yeah, we’re gonna turn this thing into a raging blowout every weekend” whether they would have existed in the first place (guessing not). Still, considering the circumstances I suppose Bud Craven and his folks are / ought to be pleased, as they’ll at the very least be able to open again, rather than not at all.

5 thoughts on “Tabrizi’s (Tiki Barge) liquor license suspended for 30 days

  1. If there license isn’t suspended til July 1, can they open til then???? And what about weddings at Tabrizis, big money!!!

    1. ohohohohoho how *PISSED* would you be if you booked a wedding there months in advance and were suddenly told there would be no alcohol allowed

        1. wow…well, glad everything got reversed because I just saw that all of this included Tabrizi’s and Scott and I have booked them for our October wedding…Curious that Michael never reached out to us to explain that may be in jeopardy though

          1. Tabrizi’s never reached out becuase they didn’t believe it would happen. The simple reasoning is the fact that you just cannot put 30 families on the unemployment line when these establishement have done nothing wrong.
            So at the end of the day-it didn’t happen and no one is closing, and the liquor license is in tact.

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