A night at Sid’s of Pigtown

Youtube brings it again: this completely awesome gem of a gem from 1978, an Evening Magazine spot about the shuffle bowl league at Sid’s over der in Pigtown. Sid’s most recently made some headlines and sparked a huge amount of discussion in the community when it was shut down about a year ago after a series of incidents involving the owner, Tareq Abdul-Ghani, including spitting on and assaulting an officer of the law (click through if you’re unfamiliar).

This video brings a serious grin to anyone’s face, displaying a time when folks sang songs about Pigtown, got totally hammered on weekdays and the whole thing could be on broadcast television without anyone batting an eyelash. You’ve gotta love how serious some of these guys are about shuffle bowl, really, the whole thing is just awesome.

3 thoughts on “A night at Sid’s of Pigtown

  1. “what is shuffle bowl? it’s this, and there’s nearly one in every bar in america” – god why can’t that be now.

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