Welcome back to The City That Feeds

Eons ago, and by that I mean last year, I started up a food-related sister site to CTB known as The City That Feeds. For the first few weeks it was footloose and fancy free, posting various recipes and stuff about Baltimore restaurants and the like… but then the reality of driving content for two separate websites when you’ve got a full time job already set in, and interest was lost.

Thing is, the webspace, domain and all that other junk and bought and paid for through 2013, ….soooo yeah I just got some girls from high school* to take over. So welcome new author Sloppy Vegan to the fold, and check out her recipe for Vegan Lo Mein noodles by clicking on this enticing image of Vegan Lo Mein noodles.

(if you’d like to contribute to City That Feeds, there are benefits to doing so! Email me if you’d like to be a part of it)

*from my old high school, not actual high school girls

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