Your weekend, with Sam Sessa: Or, LOOK AT THIS BEARDO EHEHEHE

Behold, The Baltimore Sun debuts the new video section of their website, a push to boost web presence and content delivery in this modem computerphone based society these kids are living in these days.

And here we have Mr. Sam Sessa himself, current Entertainment Editor, former Midnight Sun figurehead and biker gang leader giving us a digest of the various goings on in Baltimore this weekend! Enjoy his cheeseball delivery, my comments after the jump.


  • Needs more starwipes
  • Needs greenscreen with zany antics in the background, possibly kittens watching ping pong
  • Greenscreen should also be used to superimpose Sessa driving Gravedigger
  • Crafts featured in craft portion should be animated, dancing
  • At end of video, Sessa should blast off like a rocket using CGI
  • Pronunciation of “K-k-k-ing’s Speech” should be elongated to a full 2 minutes
  • Lack of Bob Barker-esque microphone, needs Barker-esque microphone
  • Some other stuff

That’s just off the top of my head. What else could this video use to improve the EXPERIENCE?!?!

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