The storied fascination with Putin continues

It’s widely known that in the past I have expressed what can only be described as adulation for the seemingly limitless badassery exuded by one former president of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin.

And so it was that last Friday Mr. Putin attended some sort of benefit for children with cancer (note the children holding hands on the wall with what I’m guessing is DNA surrounding them) and literally brought the house down with his stirring rendition of “Blueberry Hill,” complete with a soul wrenching piano solo.

So moved was the audience – including attendees Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Sharon Stone – they were brought to their feet with thunderous applause and an instant soiling of underwears. Mr. Putin expressed some minor irritation with a microphone that had difficulty releasing itself from its stand, so Mr. Putin very graciously sentenced the microphone and its family to only 4 months in Siberia. Behold, as you likewise soil yourself, if you are so inclined to view this performance. (via Gawker and everywhere else)

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