Super Art Fight 8 at Ottobar this Friday

Do you like art? Do you like Pro Wrestling? Do you like Nerd Core rap? Well if you like one or more of these things, you should definitely pony up some duckets and head over to the Ottobar (2549 N Howard St., Charles Village) this Friday night for Super Art Fight 8, a knockdown-dragout impromptu art competition with the stylings and presentation of a pro-wrestling bout.

Challengers take the stage with blank murals in front of them, are given some art supplies, and instructed to DRAW, fast and furious for 30 minutes. The starting topic is provided by the host, but within minutes additional topics are generated by THE WHEEL OF DEATH – an electronic screen that randomly picks topics suggested by user’s comments on their website. The Wheel of Death forces each artist to change up their mural on the fly, until the bitter end when the audience decides who the reigning champion is. Color commentary is provided during the bout, a la Mean Jean Okerlund if he were attending a drawing class… or something.

Headlining the show will be world regionally locally somehow famous nerd core rapper MC Frontalot, who deftly weaves intricate rhyme schemes featuring topics such as Star Wars, Atari, Internet Porn, and other things near and dear to so many of us (you may recognize him from this G4 commercial).

So check it out! These guys are locally grown and they’d love your support.

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