Grumpies Pour House to expand into old Federal Hill Lounge space

You may have missed this little gem amongst the maelstrom of usual internet yammering last week, but after some mild postponement the fine owners of Grumpies Pour House (25 East Cross St., Federal Hill), also owners of several other area bars, have received approval from the liquor board to expand their operation into the often and long-since defunct Federal Hill Lounge, which sits right next door.

Grumpies has always been one of the more underrated bars in the area, in my humble opinion – with a $2 draft happy hour that runs from 6-10pm, and a crowd that never gets too crowded, you can always start a Friday evening off right there. Hopefully with a proper redesign and update, the additional space can keep them going strong for years to come. Kudos to you, Grumpie’s Pour House!

(Grumpies also has a Facebook page)

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