Baltimore Needs The Pedal Party!

A friend of mine living in Texas recently told me of an adventure her and her friends embarked upon, a journey so magical and incredible I feel it is my duty to share. It’s called the Pedal Party, and it is awesome.

The Pedal Party is a 15-man, one bartender/navigator mobile bar with bike pedals on every seat. While sitting at each of the bar stools, the patrons pedal their way along their route to their destination, while the person at the front steers. The bike/bar itself comes loaded with several taps, so thirsty pedalers can swig some brew while en route to the next bar (presumably you’d be going to a bar on this thing).

The brilliance behind this plan is that the bartender is the one who steers, thus never violating any DUI laws, even if the people pedaling the bike are hammered! But alas, since this wondrous device is in Texas, a state with no open container laws, it wouldn’t be possible in Baltimore.

Unleeeesssss the bike didn’t feature alcoholic drinks, and everyone performed their responsible imbibery at destination bars. A 15-man tandem bike bar crawl, if you will.

Logistically, having one of these things in Baltimore could be… difficult. What with the state of our major thoroughfares, aggressive drivers and many, many hilly areas, finding a good route for such a thing has a limited geography (although this route could work pretty well). That, and the fact that these things are manufactured in Germany, and there’s only three of them in the world. But hey, a guy can dream, can’t he? Just look at how awesome this thing looks in action!

7 thoughts on “Baltimore Needs The Pedal Party!

  1. they always have one of those in the amstel light commercials during orioles games.

    can’t a man just drink sans exercise?

  2. If it were a boat you could get around the whole open container thing. It could go from Little Havana to Fells or something. this is actually not a terrible idea.

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