Steve Urkel: The Original Hipster

A little less than 20 years ago, a fashion plate was born: Steven Q. Urkel. At the time, his personality and style choices were considered “nerdy,” “unlikeable,” “irritating,” “eye gougingly stupid looking,” and “some other hyperbolic term.” But as it turns out, he was just wayahead of his time.The gravity of this truth is so apparent I shouldn’t even need to make a list of bullet points regarding this fact, but then again I have at least another paragraph to blow through before displaying the photographic evidence. At any rate, Steven Q. Urkel Future Fashion Plate displays the following common characteristics seen in the modern F**king Hipster:

  • Oversized Glasses
  • Loudly colored apparel
  • Tight, tight, tight, above-the-waist pants
  • Socks that do not match
  • Anything that doesn’t match at all
  • Suspenders, bow ties, other laughable accessories
  • Old timey shoes

…and so forth. Observe, as we admire a brief collection of those who were unknowingly inspired by Steve.

4 thoughts on “Steve Urkel: The Original Hipster

  1. As a classically trained accordionist who grew up in the ’90s, I have always harbored an intense hatred of Steve Urkel. He ruined it for all us accordionists.

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