DeBois Textiles – go there.

Ever been to DeBois Textiles (1835 Washington Boulevard, Carrol-Camden Industrial Area)? Better set of questions: are you into incredibly awesome vintage and thrift clothing, as well as a ludicrously wide selection of inexpensive fabrics for your household and clothing needs? Have you ever wanted to see a mountain of shoes? If you answer yes to any of this, check out DeBois whenever you possibly can and feast your eyes on one of the single largest warehouses of clothing I personally have ever seen. Seriously, this place is insane. There are corded bales of clothing in the back, piles of fur coats, square dancing outfits, boots, shoes, and couch covers all at rock bottom prices. They’ve been in business for 50 years selling fabrics to people from all over, so at least you can rest assured they know what they’re doing in that department!

Not only that, but apparently this summer they’re running 50% all vintage, which essentially means you’d be an idiot not to stop by and pick up a few zany shirts or sun dresses.

EDIT: And when you go, ask for Emily, who will help with your sassifying needs.

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