Dispatches from the unusually large snow storm – pt. 1

Throughout the last ……4397534 days of snow, the Baltimore area continues to collectively shit its pants and devolve into an infant state, a lot of which I would like to complain about in a timely fashion. But before I do, I continue to die laughing every single time I see Mr. Accuweather, over and over.


And speaking of the internet, Foot’s Forecast literally exploded onto the scene as the most popular …weather blog (?) I’ve seen pretty much ever. Strange, as it seems they’ve been in operation for six years and change, but I hadn’t heard of them until last week. But they do damn fine work and you should check them out!

One more internet point: internet humor, it would seem, has reached real-time. Once upon a time, internet jokes would saturate the market after a period of several weeks, stop being funny, and then proceed to be forwarded to you by your mother 7 months later. Now it would seem the rules have changed thanks in part to #hashtags, Facebook, on and on and on – until we see the President himself engaging in an internet joke by referring to the whole thing as “Snowmageddon” and taking credit for naming the blizzard. Well played internet, you’ve destroyed humor!

Coming up next: more pictures. If there’s one thing Baltimoreans do engage in enthusiastically during a snowstorm, it’s photographing the whole damn thing. That and drinking. A lot.

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1 thought on “Dispatches from the unusually large snow storm – pt. 1

  1. Apparently the guy who runs Foot’s Forecast used to teach at Dundalk High School. At least this is what my co-worker has been bragging to me about saying he was one of his students and how he’s been following him for years. Also, I have never watched the video clip before. Thank you for posting it…I’m still laughing.

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