Wasmund’s Whisky is A-OK

It was a few days ago when I received the heads up about a whiskey tasting a-goin’s on at The Idle Hour, which quite frankly I didn’t even read the invitation when all I saw were the words “Whiskey” and …… ok all I saw was “Whiskey.” At any rate, last night The Idle Hour hosted a free whiskey tasting by Copper Fox Distillery, the makers of Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky (it’s spelled that way on the bottle) and Rye Whisky.

Wasmund's Single Malt I spent quite a bit of time sampling master distiller Rick Wasmun’s various boozes and I have to say I’m impressed. Not just with his product – the first applewood aged whiskey in the world, but with the guy himself. His journey to create a unique whiskey spanned over six years, many visits to distilleries all over the world including Scotland, and the kind of love for what he does that few of us can lay claim to. His two person team (himself included) have been driving around in a modified van, meeting and greeting with people at bars around the region and spreading the joy of whiskey for quite some time now, spending the night in the back and moving onto the next destination. I highly recommend reading his whole story here.

But how does it taste, you might ask? “Like old man breath,” one of my friends said. Just kidding. The single malt is incredible. It’s rich, fruity, and instantly warms your whole body (120 proof helps a bit). The rye whiskey is much drier, which isn’t my preference, but if that’s your thing then I have no reason not to recommend it.

Another thing that I found pretty awesome that Rick sells – DIY whiskey barrels. You can buy your own barrel and spirit as a kit, and age the stuff yourself in your own home! A damn fine gift idea I must say, and they even have a “barrelhead club” in which you can purchase future barrel kits and exchange old ones. …INCREDIBLE IDEA.

I chatted with Rick at length about the business, how he got started and how he’s occupying a niche in the market; with this lineup I’d say he’s doing a fine job of it. If you’re interested in picking up a bottle, head on over to Wells Liquor (6310-10A York Road, Towson) or Graul’s (7703 Bellona Avenue, Ruxton). Alternatively if you’d just like to try a glass, try Wine Market (921 East Fort Avenue, Riverside) or Woodberry Kitchen (2010 Clipper Park Road, Woodberry). whisky barrel

Cheers! Best of luck Rick and company!

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