Soup Month 2009 Begins!!!! (now with bonus contest)

Last year, I spent entirely too much time during the month of December making delicious soups and eating soup and thinking about soup and loving soup, and well lookee here folks, it’s December again. Which means IT’S SOUP MONTH AGAIN!!!!

For the record, here are some of last year’s recipes:

Italian Wedding Soup

Minestrone Twofer – the second one is to die for.

I’ll be posting new ones soon and shortly, so keep your eyes peeled folks.


Send us your soup recipes! Take a picture of your soup! Tell us how great it is! The best one will win a $25 gift certificate to an area restaurant (Alternatively if we don’t get enough submissions I’ll just cry. Prevent that from happening.). The contest begins …..NOW and ends December 21st. START MAKING SOUPS PEOPLE!!!

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