Mealtime! #18 – How much should a turkey wrap cost?

turkey wrap What: Turkey Wrap

Where: Cafe Azafran (3700 San Martin Dr, Johns Hopkins Homewood)

How Much: $8.50

Synopsis: It’s not often that I would use Mealtime! to disparage something I’m eating, but this turkey wrap – despite its decent flavor – was small and exceedingly expensive considering you could just as easily get the same thing one block away at a place like Hopkins Deli. I mean, daaaaayamn it’s expensive. Anybody else out there have an opinion on the matter? How much should a turkey wrap cost?

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5 thoughts on “Mealtime! #18 – How much should a turkey wrap cost?

  1. Even $6.50 would be about the ceiling for me, unless it came with a drink or something. This is literally a tiny turkey wrap with some sort of chipotle sauce and a little bit of spring mix. GAW.

    1. Ugh, where were you, an airport? That’s pretty outrageous. Granted I’ve had a grilled cheese for $6.50 but it was huge and it was a “build your own” kind of thing with 4 cheese, bacon, tomato, etc. For $9 it ought to come with tomato soup and a back rub.

  2. Sandwiches should NOT cost that much! I know a couple bars where you can get that same thing, cheaper!


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