Event Plug – The Mobbies Gala

On October 14th, at the Metro Gallery (1700 N Charles St, Mount Vernon) in Baltimore, MD USA Planet Earth, the collected masses crammed into the mixed use venue will convene for the Baltimore Sun’s 1st annual Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs contest results, and will additionally celebrate this incredibly well crafted graphic:


The festivities begin at 7pm and I am going to look fantastic.

3 thoughts on “Event Plug – The Mobbies Gala

  1. Congrats on the wins! Well deserved.

    Wish I could make it, but there is rare and delicious beer to drink at Max’s tonight with some of the brewers and stuff.

    Mobbies after party @ Max’s, what’s up?

    1. Thanks guys!

      brad i can’t predict where the after party is gonna head but if I have any say in the matter we’ll be going to Gentlemen’s Gold Club, not some regular bar. Get your head straight man!

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