The Heavy Seas Bacon and Beer Fest – Pirates and Beer Edition

(if you’d like to read about the bacon and other foodstuffs featured at this horrifically amazing event, go here)

SO I’ve been wracking my brain over and over about what to say about the Heavy Seas Bacon and Beer Fest put on by Clipper City Brewery the other day, and I just can’t really do it justice. The event was positively magical; all you can drink Heavy Seas and Clipper City brews (which will get you bombed incredibly quickly as it turns out), bacon centric foods and frigging pirates walking and ROLLER SKATING around – it was simply the best way to spend half of a Saturday afternoon. The ability to walk around among the bottling equipment, tankards, cisterns, cooling systems and all of the other brewery equipment that comprise an otherwise industrial setting were perfectly woven into the festivities in a way that bizarrely complimented the whole thing.

That coupled with the surreality of pirates walking around and getting drunk while eating bacon, I mean …what the hell? The whole thing was incredibly well executed and I can’t wait to get back to another one of their events, regardless of the theme.

At any rate, hopefully some of these pictures can kind of do the whole thing a bit of justice.

3 thoughts on “The Heavy Seas Bacon and Beer Fest – Pirates and Beer Edition

  1. Clicked on this blog over at the Sun’s Mobbie site…first, I saw this post and had to click on it, cuz it was a great event.

    Then, lo and behold, I see my ugly mug in picture #2 (apparently I’m the first thing you see when you walk in..Oh, you meant the Oriole bacon.) Anyway, thats me in the Ravens hat.

    Best of Luck in the Mobbies!

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