The Baltimore Sun recognizes greatness

…or at least, someone out there does.

mobbies It has been brought to my attention that this very website known as The City That Breeds has been nominated for the Mobbies, the Baltimore Sun’s first ever awards for the best blogs in Maryland.

Voting for the awards starts Monday, and let me just be clear about something: I am going to BRING IT. I will be reminding you, dear readers, as to why  TCTB deserves an award with past hits, new A-list material and contests all throughout the voting period. …also I will tell you who to vote for in other categories. Also I will give one (1) cookie to everyone who votes for TCTB.

I’d also like to be clear about something else: When I attend the awards party on October 14th, I will most certainly be wearing a tophat, monocle, and a big “#1” sash. And if I don’t win any awards, I will club a baby seal. So I suggest you all vote – do you really want a dead baby seal on your conscience? No. No you don’t.

So be prepared, for Monday begins an era of KICKASS TEN GALLON HAT GREATNESS.

10 thoughts on “The Baltimore Sun recognizes greatness

  1. TCTB had my vote cookie or no cookie.

    I should be at the Awards Party as wellon the 14th (Nominated for Best Photography Blog) and I’d like Oreo cookies, no Hydrox knock-offs.

    Someone bring milk, though if for some reason you get ripped-off and don’t win, I hear Oreos taste good in baby seal blood too.

    1. Thanks for the shout out!

      I will bring Oreos for sure. Though if given the choice I will most likely bring powdered milk, which can easily be mixed with baby seal blood to make blood milk.

      ….too much?

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